Teachers With Vision

Our Instructors

The motivating and homely environment of Azure Aviation Academy has attracted the best knowledge workers, practitioner and leaders in the town and country as its faculty who are dedicated to carter the global standard education at hometown.

Cabin Crew Flight Safety

Priya Thapa

Priya Thapa, an expert instructor in Cabin Crew Flight Safety and Resources Training. With an impressive 30-year background, she has excelled at Nepal Airlines as a respected cabin crew member and dedicated In-flight Supervisor.

English Instructor

Nagendra Timilsina

Nagendra Timsina is a seasoned English instructor with over a decade of experience. His commitment to enhancing students’ language skills has yielded remarkable results. Nagendra excels in creating customized, engaging lessons, and instilling a passion for English. 

Fire Fighting Instructor

Michelle Baker

He is a highly experienced fire-fighting instructor with over a decade of dedicated service in the field. He is passionate about imparting essential fire safety and response skills, ensuring the safety of individuals and communities. 

Grooming Instructor

Paul Santos

He is a dynamic grooming instructor, dedicated to helping individuals refine their personal style. With a keen eye for detail and years of experience, Kismat empowers students to enhance their confidence and appearance through expert grooming techniques.