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Welcome to Azure Aviation Academy Training Institute. During the past two years, this institute has specialized in training all aspects of the Aviation Industries with global partnerships and has been trusted by students. 

Sustainable everything is the main direction of hospitality in 2023 by all dominant trends. It will drive major investments, and the hospitality industry is expected to develop and adopt more sustainable solutions in all its activities. Global hotel chains are introducing different programs and initiatives.

According to Mr. Subrata Banerjee, the General Manager of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, human resources is a serious problem in Nepal. There is a significant shortage of skilled human resources in the hospitality sector, since many have moved to other countries.

Nepal is seeing improvements in tourism infrastructure over the years, especially in the hospitality sector. In recent years, more than a dozen star hotels as well as multinational hotel chains have opened up in Nepal, with more under construction.

In the other hand, as per latest statistics, domestic airlines saw an impressive 26 percent passenger growth in 2022, as compared to 2021 figures.

This translates to an addition of 924,264 new flyers in a year. The statistics show flight movements increased 33.29 percent to 108,202 flights. On average, 297 domestic flights took off and landed daily at the Kathmandu airport. The industry also lacks the trained human resources.

In recent years, the aviation and hospitality industries have experienced a tremendous boom. With the increased number of travelers, the need for professionals in these industries has also risen. To meet this demand, Azure Aviation Academy was established in 2020 to provide high-quality training for individuals who want to pursue careers in Airlines, Airport, and Hotel Management support.

Sheltas, the pioneer training institute based in Gujarat, India with 20 years of experience provides technical support to all the training program of Azure Aviation Academy.

Management teams

Binod Baral

Chief Patron

Binod, the celebrated Nepali chef based in London, transcends his culinary expertise. As a business incubator, consultant, philanthropist, and writer, he champions the global recognition of Nepali cuisine. Leading as the global head chef at DO & CO, he caters to illustrious events such as the FIFA World Cup and Formula 1 Grand Prix. Binod’s influence extends as a brand ambassador for Gurkha Beer and as a Global Goodwill Ambassador and Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Everest Marathon.

Dr. Basanta P. Adhikari

Dr. Basanta Prasad Adhikari, an Associate Professor, holds a Ph.D. from East London University, UK, and completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Eastern Finland. With expertise in secondary education and educational research, he has an impressive 48 years of teaching experience both nationally and internationally. Currently, he serves as the Research Director at the Oxford College of Engineering and Management in Gaindakot, Nawalparasi, Nepal.

Bikram Biadya

Curriculum Director

Chef Bikram Vaidya, originally from Ason, Kathmandu, He received his hospitality training in Portland, Oregon, USA, where he graduated from the prestigious Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu. Throughout his career, he had the privilege of working alongside renowned chefs at distinguished restaurants and hotels worldwide. Initially, he shared his expertise as a teacher at the Western Culinary Institute and Le Cordon Bleu, before joining the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Bishal Chapagain

Founder and BOD

The founder of Azure, Bishal Chapagain is Nepali industrialist and entrepreneur. He has a strong dedication towards the education sector, with a particular focus on promoting skills development for the youth.

Rajesh Ghimire

Executive Chairman

Rajesh Ghimire is an experienced media expert and entrepreneur with over 25 years of involvement in diverse projects and organizations, including the United Nations Mission in Nepal. He has authored and edited numerous books on the subjects of environment and media, and has also served as an international media trainer and documentary filmmaker.

Sita Sharma Aryal


Sita Sharma Aryal is a General Manager at Azure Aviation Academy, where she leads the operations and management of the academy. With years of experience in the aviation industry, She has developed a strong expertise in the field of aviation, particularly in aviation training and education. 

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The service of the institution in creating socially responsible, professionally equipped and career-oriented graduates is really worth mentioning

Bishal Chapagain
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"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Azure offers its students the opportunity to learn theory and practical in a fully equipped workshop led by a team of dedicated and highly experienced instructors.

We offer effective training solutions using diverse and modern training methods including classroom teaching, Web Based Training (WBT), Computer Based Training (CBT) as well as practical courses with hands-on training and direct access to aircraft, components, parts and engines in our fully equipped engine, airframe and avionics workshops. We guarantee that our perfectly designed theoretical and practical training courses which lead to the world of aviation professionals.

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We invite renowned professors, subject experts, and business leaders & practitioners to inspire & guide you to construct the best professional career

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Our aim is to teach students to LEARN, not just STUDY. Hence, we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere books.


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