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Azure aviation is a leading aviation academy in Nepal which is trusted by Captain Vijay Lama.

Azure Aviation Academy

Our Course includes

All of our courses are certified by SHELTAS, the prestigious training institute based in Gujarat, India.

International Airhostess Training

This section of course is led by the mentors from a renowned training institute Sheltas, (Gujarat -India) and the paid internship is provided in Sheltas HQ.

English language proficiency Course

The course is design as IELTS preparation course, which aim to help you to achieve a top IELTS exam score.

Grooming & Personality Development

This course improves and changes inner traits like Attitude, Confidence, Deportment and Perception. It also comprises improving physical appearance, grooming body language and steering students towards a positive approach in life.

Customer Service

The course of Our training includes both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Customer Service.

Ground Staff/Handling Training

Our ground operations training aims to create efficiency on the ground through management and operational courses.

Safety, swimming and Fire Fighting

The course of Safety includes the practical knowledge of fire fighting, other aspects of passenger’s SAFETY and swimming.

Airport Ground Handling

The  course of ground operations training aims to create efficiency on the ground through management and operational courses.


With Azure you can achieve your dream career and gain the best knowledge.


Our training includes both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Airhostess.


A certificate of completion would be awarded to the student upon completion of the course.

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Why Azure Academy?

Azure create opportunities through the fusion of training advancement; interactive learning and real time marketability.

Azure utilizes innovative thinking and insights to transform learning concepts, resulting in practical solutions that benefit both job candidates and employers.

Azure allures creative minds and offers an environment that nurtures innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, leading to pioneering ideas that unlock promising career prospects.


We give 100% job assistance to our students.


Our instructors, who possess decades of experience across a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, will instill in you a sense of safety and inspiration.

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Airport security involves the implementation of various techniques and methodologies aimed at safeguarding passengers, staff, aircraft, and airport property from a range of potential risks, including accidental or intentional harm, criminal activities, acts of terrorism, and other forms of threats.

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“At Azure We create professionals. And provide well trained and skilled candidate to aviation industry.”
Captain Vijaya Lama

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“Azure Aviation is designed to accelerate growth and success of students and providing hands on experience in career building.”
Hiten Panchal

Seltas Aviation

“I recently completed my Air Hostess Training at Azure Aviation Academy, From the moment I stepped foot on their campus, I was impressed by their professionalism and commitment to excellence. The instructors at Azure Aviation Academy are some of the best in the industry. Their knowledge and expertise are evident in every lesson, and they are always available to answer questions and provide guidance. They create a supportive and encouraging learning environment that allowed me to build my confidence and skills as a pilot.”
Sirina Shrestha
“I had the privilege of attending Azure Aviation Academy for my air hostess training, and I can confidently say that it was an outstanding experience. From day one, I felt welcomed and supported by the staff and instructors, making my journey to becoming a cabin crew incredibly enjoyable. The instructors at Azure Aviation Academy are not only highly skilled and experienced, they are also exceptional educators. They possess a deep passion for aviation and a genuine desire to see their students succeed. Their dedication to teaching is evident in their patient and thorough approach, ensuring that every concept is understood before moving forward.”
Shraddha Aryal

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